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Hello, everybody and welcome to a brand new video. Today I am going to be doing a colab with RunescapeExpLamp :)


Today's challenge is going to involve flipping in the grand exchange with a 30m start, but with a twist. The items we are allowed to use are going to be from certain areas only. We will each be given 2 random zones to run around and explore. Any monster drops, stores or items on the ground that we see can be flipped.


1: Mortanyia
2: The Dessert
3: The Duel Arena
4: Relleka
5: Taverly Dungeon
6: Tyrannwn
7: Tree Gnome Stronghold
8: Zanaris
9: 25- Wilderness
10: 25+ Wilderness

I'd Like to thank RunescapeExpLamp for suggesting this challenge, it was a lot of fun. I hope you guys enjoyed the video, if you want to see more videos like this please leave a like on the video so i know.