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Hey guys, and welcome to episode 3 of my grand exchange only challenge.

In today's episode I make a lot of progress in my melee stats. Training on the guards is pretty slow at first, but I think it will start to speed up. I also managed to get an agility level though some extremely slow technique! I have thought of a few ideas for extra zones that could be unlocked later on.

  1. Varrock Sewer

  2. keldagrim

  3. Spirit Tree

    What do you guys think? Thanks for watching guys.


  • Cannot Trade Other Players
  • Cannot Leave the G.E/ Prearranged Area
  • Anything Within the GE Walls is Fair Game
  • Skills Can Be Trained

    Certain areas that are nearby the GE will be unlocked after a certain total level requirement has been achieved. Furthermore there will be a couple of skills I will be able to purchase down the road. More information will be included in the introduction.

    A huge shoutout to WingStatue who helped me flesh out the series. He also created the thumbnail and area map, so definitely go check out his twitter page

    Original GE Only Series by Bescape

    I really hope you guys enjoy the series, please let me know of anything you would add to the challenge.

    Thanks for Watching.

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