End goal: Acquire 1-5M Gold

Old School Gold

You've managed to get yourself to members, but your bank and wealth is looking a little... lackluster. In order to start flipping in Old School Runescape, you'll want at the very least 1M OSRS gold to work with, but how do we get started? Luckily for you, we have a variety of tools and methods to help new players get started on their journey.

If you haven't yet, we highly recommend you check out one of our YouTube partners, Flipping OldSchool. Here you'll find no shortage of flipping and money making guides. Small ExpLamp is also a strong contender in the amount of unique guides he's created. Simply put, there's no shortage of videos, but lets highlight some methods of our own

P2P Money Making Guide for Beginners

Buying Items from Stores

Lets look at profiting from stores as a means to grow our bank. There are endless videos out there of players taking 1gp and using stores to get themselves their first million. So how do they do it? What if you're brand new to the game? Where do you look? No need to worry, we've made this step easy with our store profit tool.

Old School Gold

We can see with the image above, we've cut down the process to be as simple and easy to use as possible. You can toggle the upper column to show items that cost the least amount, and then on the far right hand side we've even provided the OSRS Wikipedia page so you can learn more about where to find the store that sells it, and any requirements it holds (if there are any).

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OSRS High Alch

What if I want to level up my account? What are the best alching items in osrs? We have that covered too with our High Alchemy tool.

  • 100K Gold
  • Staff of Fire and Nature runes
  • Level 55 Magic
Best alching items in osrs

By default, high alchemy in Old School Runescape is perceived to be a money losing method to train magic, but it doesn't have to be! If we look at the image above, we can see there are various items that can be alched for a profit. You simply enter the cost of the rune you think you'll be able to obtain it for, and our tool automatically calculates the potential profit to be made.

This method requires a bit of patience, as we can see that many of these items don't exactly hold a high trade volume. So what you'll want to do is place your offers at a price point where you would profit, and proceed to make money else where in game while those offers fill up.

This doesn't mean there haven't been clever methods of finding new items to alch in OSRS. Just check out Small ExpLamp and how he discovers an alching method that was bringing him over 1m+ gp/hour!

Looting PVP Worlds

Looting PVP worlds is a more straight forward process, and relies more on luck and pid than anything else. However, this method holds zero requirements other than being a Runescape member. On top of this, there are only a few select worlds you can loot from, those being: W318 (Bounty Hunter), W325, W337, and W392.

PVP Looting

A common complaint is that bots are usually looting all of the items, and are too quick for normal players, leaving nothing for everyone else. While it is true that there are bots that plague the looting scene, this only happens on the Bounty Hunter world. You might find more success on the normal PVP worlds.

Of course results will always vary but with no requirement other than just a bit of food to survive any attacks, this is a simple means of getting your first million. Check out 26G OSRS's video above to see for yourself!

Wyvern Running

Wyvern Running is always going to be a relevant money maker in the game. There are players who love to camp these monsters for their easily obtained noted items, allowing them to camp their world and spot for hours on end. But this requires them not to leave, or else they may lose their spot. This is where you come in as the supply runner.

  • Join WyvernCC Clan Chat
  • 100K OSRS Gold - You'll be buying their unnoted items at a discount
  • Teleport to House Tabs - House needs to be located in Rimmington
  • Ranging and Prayer Potions - Given to Wyvern Killers
  • Not required but recommended - Completion of Elemental Workshop I (ability to wear Elemental Shield)

The process is rather simple. You start by joining the WyvernCC clan chat and bring yourself to the wyvern lair. Another one of our sponsored YouTube content creators, Statistically Challenge, does a great job of showing the basic supplies needed and how to reach the lair itself.

Once you've reached the Wyvern cave, it's merely a matter of waiting until someone in the CC mentions they need a particular potion or need someone to buy their items off of them. It really is that simple and is a great money making method in Old School Runescape for players who have somewhat of an established account, and need to build up their bank again rather quick.

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