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We're always looking out for YouTubers, Twitch Streamers and OSRS website/Discord owners to partner with!

If you have a love for streaming or making videos for the Old School RuneScape community then we'd love for you to reach out to us.

Generally, we're looking for content creators/entertainers who have built a good following for themselves. However, everyone is unique in his or her own right, and we never want to exclude anyone from any preset criteria.

So please, take the time to fill out our application on the right, and if we feel like our interests match up closely, then you'll hear back from our team in due time ☺ .

Sponsorship Application

Referral / Affiliate Scheme

As a content creator, you are able to earn money from the users that you refer to GE Tracker, achieved by placing a link to GE Tracker in the description of your video(s) or channel. Any users that subscribe to our website that you've referred; you'll receive 25% of their subscription fee each month, so long as they are subscribed.

We pay incremental monthly and milestone payments with the increasing amount of subscribers you've referred - up to a 35% referral rate and £50.00 bonus. This allows you to earn more overtime, and the more users you refer in, the higher share percentage we pay you!

Total subscribed Active subscribers Bonus
25 - £10.00
100 - £30.00
200 100 £50.00
- 10 £5.00 per month
- 50 30% fee
- 150 35% fee

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