Interactive OSRS ge dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

Follow your favourite items straight from your dashboard so you can see profitable items at a glance and monitor your total profit to date.

Suggested OSRS flipping items

Suggested Items

Profitable items are suggested to you that you can try and merchant. You can manually refresh the list to get new items and configure the offer price to tailor the list to your needs. Suggested Items are also displayed on the Dashboard.


Custom Price Alerts

Define price alerts on items and be instantly notified by Email/SMS when they reach your alert. If you keep GE Tracker open, Web Desktop Notifications are used to slide an alert onto your desktop right next to your RuneScape window so you'll never miss a good price!


View an Item

View an item to display pricing information live from RSBuddy Exchange. Transactions (buy/sell) and price alerts can be controlled from this page.


Decant potions (Overview)

View a list of all complete potions, cheapest dose option and total profit if you were to use the cheapest option. This makes it very easy to find profitable potions to decant.


Decant potions (Calculator)

Select a target potion and input the quantity of each dose and the total cost and profit will be calculated. Add a transaction straight from this page to log your decant profit!


Highest Margins

View the items that currently have the highest profit margins in-game. This data is based on the in-game buy/sell prices and will allow you to quickly find items to merchant.


Profit Tracker

View all of your completed transactions in a tabular or graph view to visually see your merchanting progress. Click on a transaction in "Table" view to see more details of the transaction.


Active Transactions

Use a drag-and-drop interface to track the progress of your transactions across all items. For example, drag the transaction box into the new pane to update its status from "buying" to "for sale".


GE Limits

View total profit for an item if you were to buy it at its Grand Exchange limit.

GE Tracker users have so far logged 1,297,208,957,948gp profit

Averaging 7,275,470gp per transaction, over a total of 178,299 transactions

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