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OSRS Raids Drop Calculator

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Raid Point Explanation

GE Tracker PvM Team

Love playing OldSchool, but having trouble finding people to boss or raid with? Come join our PVM team!

Our requirements are much easier to reach than most other clans, holding a minimum stat requirement where you're able to deal enough damage to the bosses, whilst not falling over yourself. We even have an ever growing base and pvm community over in our discord, where players will sometimes post their drops to showoff their progress!

Want to learn Raids but frustrated over the fact that w65 has players asking for a 400 kill count requirement? I mean, how is anyone suppose to even learn raids or build up their KC if everyones asking for 200 kill count plus as a requirement! Not to worry though, because we also have that covered :)

While our general PVM requirements are quite low, raids is indeed end-game content and those requirements are a tad higher. Great Olm is nothing to joke about! Anyways, if you ever find yourself eager to learn how to run through the gauntlet that is the Chambers of Xeric, be sure to apply over on our forums, as we host what we like to call "Learners Raids", where deaths are not frowned upon and we walk you through the process on how to tackle that great big salamander! And yes, we do split all unique drops! (Dragon thrownaxe and dragon sword excluded)

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