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This is an agreement made between you and GE Tracker ("we" or "us") our software ("the Software") which is made available to end users at the website ("the Website", which term shall include any mirror site or future incarnation of such site). The Software shall include any updates or fixes thereof. The Software enables the user to access the Web App section of the Website, in the case of our "Premium" edition, to unlock additional features of the Website (which features will change from time to time).


Sponsorship & referral scheme

If you wish to join the GE Tracker referral scheme, you may do so by submitting an application. You agree to a 25% fee of profit generated by referred subscriptions only. As the amount of referrals grows, your referral fee will increase, as detailed on the Sponsorship page.

Referred subscriptions are paid as detailed:

  • Monthly subscriptions are paid monthly, split by interval, regardless of duration. This means a 12-month subscription is paid in 12 installments.
  • One off payments are paid in full on the month that they are received.
  • If a user unsubscribes during their subscription period, you will receive payment for this duration. Any remaining balance on their installments is paid on the month of their cancellation.
  • Discounted subscriptions purchased by you for purposes of a giveaway are not credited.
  • Users that have won a subscription giveaway provided by GE Tracker are not credited.
  • Full or partial subscription refunds are deducted from your final total.

We are not responsible for calculation errors displayed on the My Account - Referrals page.

You will receive an invoice on the final day of each month stating your total payment amount. Payments will be submitted the next working day via PayPal to an email address that you specify. We are not responsible for a delay in receiving payment caused by your banking institution.

If you join the referral scheme and have already referred subscribers then you will not be backdated payment.


Any questions about the Referral Scheme Terms should be addressed to [javascript protected email address].