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Hey Guys, and welcome to another money making method. Today I have a really cool one too show you. I am going to be dismantling zulrah drops into zulrah scales.

This money making method works because there is a price discrepancy between the price of 20000 zulrah scales, and the price of the zulrah drops. Currently you can profit anywhere between 40k-100k off of dismantling a zulrah drop.

This method has low no quest requirements requirements, however you will need about 5-10m cash to do this effectively.


  • Minimum 10m cash
  • Recommended 30m cash

I like this money making method because it is really safe. As long as you check the price of the zulrah scale before you try the method, you won't ever lose much money. Worst case scenario just sell the items back.

I hope you enjoyed the video, good luck!

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