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Hey, and welcome to a brand new video. Today I am back with episode 5 of my f2p flipping series.

Today I get some absolutely insane flips on the ring of nature. This item is continuing to be the best item to flip in F2P. On top of that I get some pretty decent flips on the gilded armor sets, hill giant clubs and team capes.

I have been enjoying the F2P side of flipping for a few weeks now and I thought I might as well make a small series out of it. I am going to be starting with 50m, and recording my progress all the way to 100m. How long do you think it will take?

What I am going to be focusing on is the highest margin items in f2p. These include gilded armour, team capes, trimmed armor and hill giant clubs. There are other items, but those are the most popular. If you enjoy this type of content, please toss the video a like.

Enjoy :)
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