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Hello, and welcome to a brand new video. Today I am continuing with mt attempt to flip the new raid reward items.

I apologize, but the G.E tracker winner will be announced next video.

Grand Exchange Tracker

The raid rewards have just been released on the G.E and the prices are still settling. Flipping brand new items like this can be extremely risky, but also very profitable. I am going to start with 50m and see how much cash I can make or lose today. The items I can afford currently are the dragon sword, dragon harpoon, dragon thrownaxe ,ancestral hat, dragon hunter crossbow and the twisted buckler. I am hoping I can try to purchase a dinh's bulwark soon.

I hope you guys enjoy the video, if you do please toss the video a like. I will know to focus on this for the next couple of days.


Grand Exchange Tracker

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