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Hey guys, and welcome to episode #4 of my flipping random items challenge!

I realize it has been a few moths since I made one of these, but I'm bringing it back. For those of you who are new, here is how this series works. I will start the each episode with 1m. From there I will do 5 different random flips decided by a random number generator. Once the item is decided I have to flip it, but I will have access to 2 different life lines.

Skip 1:
Instead of the Item I rolled, I will instead pick a suggested Item from the comments section

Skip 2:
I will roll a new item, then I will pick between the original item and the new one.


  • Item must be under 1 mil
  • I will not flip more than the buying limits worth of the item
  • I will receive 2 skips for each episode

    That's it guys, If you have any suggestions or ideas please leave them and I will try to put them in :) If your item is picked and you are subscribed, I will be awarding you with a 1m prize

    Congratulations to " Neodrone4 " , You are the winner of the 1m prize for your suggestion of red spider eggs.

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