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ComaOS - Moderator Application

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Name: ComaOS (In game & on the site)

Discord Username: Coma

Location: United Kingdom

GE Tracker Profile (link): ComaOS

How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: 4+ Hours a day

What is your experience of merching prior to GE Tracker?: I traded items for 2 years within Team Fortress 2, merching my way from $5 to $2000, I dealt with everything from high value collector items to staples of the TF2 economy. 
(A history of my TF2 trades http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/290608  A snapshot of my TF2 inventory at it's peak http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198014488902?time=1425254400)

Examples of contributing to GE Tracker, or helping new users: Site Suggestions and helping users in Discord/Clan Chat where appropriate. I may be fairly new to merchanting but my knowledge of the games mechanics is extensive as I am going for the Achievement Cape, except bossing, don't ask me about bossing.

Edited by Comaos

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Thanks for the application, we'll discuss internally and get back to you :)

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Thanks for your application, after much consideration your application has been denied. Please apply again at a later date.

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