We have recently been busy upgrading our neglected mobile app. Several bugs and issues have appeared since our last update a couple of years ago. Some significant problems are iOS billing issues (fixed) and crashes when tapping certain graphs (fixed).

We've reopened our #app-beta-feedback channel, so if you find any bugs or have any feature suggestions, please let us know! We are actively monitoring for bugs and app crashes and aim to get them fixed as quickly as possible. We have some great features and UX changes in the pipeline to be released over the next few weeks, and we aim to bring over more functionality that you can find on our website.

You can now get the beta app (0.17.7) on Apple TestFlight for iOS or by joining the Open Beta on Android.

Please see below a non-exhaustive list of changes:

  • React Native framework upgrade
  • Several performance improvements
  • Upgrade billing library to fix iOS payment issues
  • User will be returned to the screen they were on prior to payment
  • Reimplemented push and local notifications
  • Add graph "All" duration, removed redundant "Day 10 min" duration
  • Add tax to item screen
  • Add ROI% to item screen
  • Add tapping on profit field to toggle between ROI% and profit on item lists
  • Add buy/sell price colours throughout the app
  • Add support for in-app updates
  • Change "Share" button to only use the item's URL
  • Change RS updates to order by date (most recent first)
  • Fix graph crash when tapping in certain areas
  • Fix graph rendering issues after orientation change
  • Fix graph duration picker styling and toggling
  • Fix graph header spacing
  • Fix graph colours
  • Fix additional padding caused by safe area context in screens and drawer
  • Fix item navigation from PT table and other screens
  • Fix crash when PT graph is unfocused
  • Fix Discord.gg and "mailto:" URLs not opening
  • Fix Previous Price Data not displaying correctly
  • Fix URLs links not opening in browser
  • Fix orientation when device is flat on table
  • Fix monthly price rounding
  • Fix search styling and keyboard not opening

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