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Big Head 22

I shouldn't be allowed to gamble

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Big fail on my part... 100% my own fault.  Slowly gave a dice bot 32m.  Not a flip but still a fail.  Back down to 10m after my great flipping progress.   I think in a month or so I can be back to where I was before I threw away my money in 10 minutes.

I was thinking today how I am somewhat familiar with scams and whatnot, and how it would be hard to scam or lure me.  But then I did this so I essentially scammed myself.  Oh well...

Moral of the story: don't gamble

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It can be frustrating when you lose a lot all of a sudden, but the moral of the story is that slow and steady gains win the race!

In my opinion, you're far more likely to make money through merchanting than through dicing!

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Very true!

I have done my best to not let this discourage me and have already made another 5 or 6m from where i left myself so you are definitely right about that. 

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