Only 2 pairs left so here it is I've been flipping these socks since release, so I knew about how many there should be in the game and I went for it. The first time I just wanted to try it out and in a month I made 67921k profit from 38 pairs. This time I started buying mid December and I'm expecting to sell the last two today, just about 3 months later.  73 pairs and 254m profit. The most I had invested was like 320m, before the last spike. I was holding 60 socks while there were about 80-100 in the game. Here's the full log: Socks 2.txt How I did it: First I was just buying as many as I could at their lowest point and when it slowed down enough I started buying them out fast so the price jumped up. Then I just slowly started selling them bellow the peak I created.  The problem with that is that you lose a little bit, because you have to buy a few at the peak so it looks like that's what it's worth and then sell under that peak. This is where I got lucky the second time around. I'm 95% sure someone caught up to me doing this and bought a few themselves (other option being a group of people that really wanted these socks for some reason) and soon they made them jump up (1st peak). That alone would be good enough as I could just start selling high at no cost, but not only did it not cost anything, I profited big time as they were buying my socks when they were trying to raise the price. At this point I had around 40 pairs and I knew they would start selling theirs so I held on to mine and bought another 20 while the price was dropping and eventually the trade basically stopped. This was it. I couldn't buy any more without overpaying massively and neither could anyone else. No reason to raise the price myself if I had full control already. I just put them in for ~19m and it worked. Sold one every two days, but I was making 8m a pair. Then I got lucky again. No one noticed the 8m margins, maybe they were scared...I was selling them for ~19m and buying them back for 11m for over a week (6 or 7 pairs) before someone else came in. From that point on I only bought a few more, which I sold for 2-4m profit each, then I just kept lowering the price till I was out and that was it.
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