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Touched the fury at the perfect time. :D

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So just logged on after the numerous amounts of disconnects and tried to find items to flip. Had empty slots and had no luck finding items in the high margin section nor high volume section. So I was left randomly looking up items. I recall someone in public chat talking about torture's dropping. So I look it up a view the graphs, all I can say is there is a significant drop. So far it has dropped about 500k lmao.


So what I did next is try to find other items relating to the torture, to see if they would drop. I have a look at the amulet of fury and notice someone had purchased one for 2.9m. Which is just about 150k less than the average price. Now I thought this was a little unusual and decided to put a offer in to match this. At first I thought this was going to be false hope for myself and I wasn't going to get a fury for that cheap. But to my surprise, I press confirm and instantly purchase it for 2.85k. So right now I'm like crap. I got to get rid of this thing, I list it up for 2.9m hoping it shall be sold by the time I finish my slayer task. And after pressing confirm, it instantly sells for 2.9m... So I am here looking at my screen completely puzzled. After I recoup, I decide to repeat the process but to approach it with caution. Instead of trying to buy multiple at once and risking my bank, I instead decide to do it one by one. I put the offer in again at 2850k. A couple seconds later, it bought. So I listed it up for 2900k, a minute or so later. It sells. I then do this over and over again and reach the buying limit. This is by far the easiest and quickest 400k I have made so far. 


And for anyone interested, here is a image of the amulet of torture dropping.


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Nice job! It's great when you find items like that! This is where you need an alt to bypass the buying limit ;)

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