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Discord Rules

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In light of recent behavior in our Discord chat, we felt that it would be necessary to lay down some fundamental ground rules. We’ve initially been quite lenient on all topics discussed, but it’s beginning to reach an undesirable point. 

While we understand this isn’t favorable, we’re not by any means going to take harsh action towards anyone, unless an extreme and rare situation arises. 

We’re also not going to enforce any of these rules immediately, as it would take some time before they became well known and established.

GT Discord Rules:

  • Discussing any topic that is classified as against terms of service by Jagex, are strictly forbidden. 

             - Including: RWTing, botting, account selling, sharing scripts (and AHK’s – even though this is a gray area)


  • Harassing any users (including staff) for the purpose of being spiteful or a nuisance 

Failure to abide by these rules will result in the following:

  1.  A polite warning in chat
  2.  A polite reminder in chat and/or private message
  3.  Reminder in chat/pm, and if ignored, a temporary mute for 12-24 hours
  4.  Reminder in chat/pm, and if ignored, kicked from chat for 24 hours
  5.  Reminder in chat/pm, and if ignored, muted for 48 hours
  6.  Permanently banned
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