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Launch of the GE Tracker forums + celebration giveaway!

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GE Tracker Forums

If some of you were around long enough, you might’ve remembered the first forum we had... Well, now we're back with 17,000 more members and better forum software!

We hope this proves to be an invaluable resource for all users to share moneymaking ideas, and receive help if you're just getting started.

Staff member BenefitsOfaG, who has been responsible for our great YouTube content thus far, has kicked off the Money Making Guides section of the forum with Benefit's Complete Guide to Flipping - be sure to check it out and leave your feedback!

We're all very excited about this, and are looking forward to meeting you.

You should be logged into the forum automatically, but if you're not, just reload the forum page and you should be logged in.

Forum Launch Giveaway

We'll also be giving away 8 Old school bonds to celebrate the launch of our new forums. Entries are the same as before, just head over to our giveaways section and click "Enter" to receive a ticket. If you enter your YouTube channel ID, then it will be verified and you’ll be given an additional ticket.

  • 6 bonds for premium users
  • 2 bonds for free users

All of this wouldn’t be possible without our premium subscribers. So to show our gratitude, we’ll be allocating the majority of the bonds to our subscribers, and the remaining to our free users.


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yeeee  been waiting for the new forum for  a while!

Feels smooth, but is there a possibility to add more background themes? The current ones feel kinda too.. contrasting with the rest of the forum.


Kind regards

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Those are great @ruben! I love the GE one, and the gnome child definitely has to make an appearance... I'll update them some time tomorrow :) 

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Hey @Shinrajosh :) , welcome to GE Tracker! Glad to hear you've been enjoying the website :) 

Unfortunately, the OSRS bond giveaway has already passed :( . There will always be giveaways to look forward to in the future :D some maybe even spontaneous ;) I did a quick 5m drop party during my live streams 

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