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I filed a request for a key a few days ago, how long does it useally take for a request to be proccessed? I didn't exactly input a very detailed answer as to why i would like access to the API. Something along the lines of "personal datamining" . But basically i'm a full time flipper on OSRS, i was thinking of writing program/script that notifies me when prices are at certain profitable treshholds. I know u can setup alerts, but i'm looking for something more advanced. Furthermore i would like to create historical price charts in a better overview etc, basically some cool stuff for personal use.

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I submitted an API request for more or less the same reason. Personally I've been interested in starting a data mining project to work on some scripting skills and I figured what could be better than GE data. I flip on and off, so it's something I find interesting that I feel motivated to create tools that would be useful to me rather than some random data set / API. What you're describing is pretty similar to what I had in mind for things to work at making.

I haven't heard back either (that I'm aware of) and from what I've seen the forums, subreddit and Discord are pretty dead. I'm pretty sure a decent amount of people still use GE tracker, so if any admin's see this post I'd like to also have my API request looked at please. 

Thank you

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