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How will the Grand Exchange Tax effect OSRS?

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How will the Grand Exchange Tax effect OSRS?

Whats up everyone, today I wanted to talk about the effect that a Grand Exchange tax would have on OSRS. Jagex mentioned somewhat recently on a livestream about how a 1% GE tax would be the largest gold sink that OSRS has ever seen, bigger than the staking tax that is currently in place. Considering its potential as a strong gold sink for the game, i'm afraid Jagex might actually add this tax.


Personally, i'm not the biggest fan of adding a 1% tax to every buy/sell offer on the Grand Exchange. Here are some things that would happen if a 1% tax was added:

-Less items traded on the grand exchange (1% tax deters people from using the grand exchange as often, even if its only a small amount of peope). This drags down items traded per hour.

-Margins for items will increase. Why? Since people now will have to pay a 1% tax on the trade, margins will set to automatically cover this tax overtime. While this will make margins bigger, it will not lead to more profits.

-More scamming. If a tax was added, players would seek to trade with one another to achieve the best deal possible on an item. Because of this, there will be actual incentive to trade with random players, leading to possible scams. If a GE tax is added, I wouldn't be surprised to see more scamming occuring.


I made a video explaining my viewpoints in further detail if you'd like to take a look: 




What do you guys think about Jagex statement towards implementing a GE tax? Do you think it would ever even pass a poll? Would be curious as to what other flippers/merchers think about this one.


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They need to keep adding more gold sinks. This should not be seen as a punishment as it really is the opposite.

With the amount of bots currently active, there needs to be BIGGER gold sinks. In 1 years time. I would love it if my GP holds the same purchasing power.

Ever played WoW? A game with muuuuch fewer bots, has an auction tax of 5%.

This change is positive and will keep the OSRS economy stable for longer.

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Posted (edited)

I would tend to agree with Tered on this one, prior to coming back to OSRS I merch'd in WoW for years. As Tered stated, the WoW Auction House has had the tax for years and has never diminished my ability to enjoy merching. The tax would be an effective gold sink and overtime would help the economy and would just become part of your merching equation.

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Left out thought.

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