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i swear this site is rigged

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so basically once I got lucky I bought a saradomin godsword kit for 1m under mid lucky as fuck, and this site posts it as the buy price so I then couldn't sell it for any profit...………..

now blowpipes im buying them for ridiculously low 6.1m each selling for 6.4m and this site is hiding it else it would say 300k profit margin

the people behind this have it rigged to fuck to hide the big profit flips to make them max profit don't believe all prices

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so basically once I got lucky I bought a saradomin godsword kit for 1m under mid lucky as fuck, and this site posts it as the buy price so I then couldn't sell it for any profit.

Prices are static and move around. It's quite possible your 'lucky' buy was the start of a crash.


now blowpipes im buying them for ridiculously low 6.1m each selling for 6.4m and this site is hiding it else it would say 300k profit margin

We get our prices from OSBuddy, so whatever are prices say is what OSBuddy has for transaction data.


There's no rigging going on here. Merching is a learned skill and there are many things that have to be accounted for. I've probably been burned by items way more often than you have so I know this as fact.

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Yeah, as Zips as stated, we get our prices from OSBuddy, you're welcome to compare our graphs to theirs but we aren't manipulating anything, the blowpipes have caught everyone by storm, most players in Runescape right now are aware of the price of the blowpipe, there have even been a few video releases.

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Hello @tysontorture

As Zips and Duck have both described already, all pricing and trading information shown are derived and pulled directly from OSBuddy. If a user on our site records in their profit tracker, that they bought an abyssal whip for 1m and sold it for 20m, this by no means would be shown anywhere on the site, as this would make our tool completely redundant. We simply take OSBuddys API, and display it in a user friendly manner.

However, seeing as you are having some troubles merchanting, and want to point the fingers at others for not taking precaution on items you're targeting. I wanted to provide a little guidance and advice on how you should be viewing any item. For starters, we do have a variety of YouTube guides on how to read our graphs and how to go about item selection: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu1BLPhQcOV137Vxvk5jrtA

Alternatively, we also have a variety of video guides from other YouTubers here: https://www.ge-tracker.com/guides

If videos aren't your thing, and you'd much prefer to read, I've also created an extensive merchanting guide on just about anything and everything that can be covered in regards to the absolute fundamentals to flipping and item selection here:

Now that we've gotten that out of the way. Lets look over the two items you've described as having troubles with. Lets start with the saradomin godsword ornament kit, since that one is pretty straight forward.

Saradomin Godsword Ornament kit
Okay, so what do we know when we check out this item on it's item page?


From the above image, immediately we can see an orange box, warning us that this item more then likely has an outdated price, due to the fact that was last traded over an hour ago. We can see this once more when we look at the buying and selling quantity values, where they're both shown with a value of 0; and current price at 0.

This doesn't mean this item A.) Has no price, and B.) isn't traded at all. It means that within the past 60 minutes (item overview covers past 60 minutes), there hasn't been a single trade in the game within the OSBuddy client.

If those three values and orange box weren't enough, we can see the values highlighted in purple with a question mark. Which is a further warning that this item is traded very little, and it's price may be erratic and all over the place.

Now lets look at the graph for this item:


Welp. We can see that in a days timeframe, this item is all over the place in price. Even more so, if we look at the bottom half, we can see the amount traded is almost non-existent.

What does this mean for the merchant? It means that you'll be competing with other merchants who are also holding this item and trying to flip it for a profit. This generally involves a queue process where the less patient ones who want to minimize their profit margins, or give up all together, will sell this item back for no profit or a loss, giving the buyer the best deal possible.

For the more patient and experienced merchant looking at this item. They already know this probably won't flip for them within the same hour, and possibly not even the same day. If they're looking to flip 4 of these for 300k margins, they may keep them in the GE for a prolonged period of time while they do other activities in the game or even walk away.

Treasure trail items by nature, can be quite profitable for passive flipping. However... it is not recommended to be taken on my new and lesser experienced merchants, or even players who simply don't have the patience for an item that just isn't traded all that often.


Okay. Now lets take a look at the Blowpipe.

Toxic Blowpipe (empty):


Okay, right off the bat, we can see there are no glaring warning signs like the orange box, or highlighted purple text. However, looking at the buying and selling quantity, I can tell that this item at this current point in time, is being heavily bought and sold, MUCH more than the Saradomin godsword ornament kit.

Which, if I wanted to make a quick flip and not hold onto an item. This would be the type of numbers I would be looking for. There's a consistent flow of sellers, and a consistent need for them to be purchased. Keep in mind, that this item in particular has skyrocketed in value recently, and the number being traded may be a whole host of merchants wanting to flip it for its recent interest.


Since April, this item was starting to rise in value, and at a steady but slow rate. It wasn't until recently, that this item has skyrocketed in value. Which is most assuredly, a big red flag.

What do I mean by that? It means when an item rises this much in value, this quick, with nothing in the game to reinforce its value increase: i.e. - some new money making method or boss in game. Then this means it's price may be being pushed by a group of merchants or merchanting clans, which are most assuredly against Jagex rules. Right off the bat, I would not touch this item.

There's no reason for it's price to skyrocket
2.) If there's no reason for the price increase, it's likely being pushed by a merchanting clan

Avoid these types of items when you view a chart like this.


So to recap. Merchanting isn't something where you can just waddle into our site, randomly pick an item, and start attempting to buy and sell an item for what our overview is showing.

You need to review it's historical pattern via the charts, and make sure there isn't some kind of change or update to the game that is having some kind of impact to it.
Make sure you're reviewing it's trade volume, and whether or not you're comfortable holding onto that item for a prolonged period of time.

If you're still having trouble merchanting, I highly recommend checking out the guides and links I've posted at the top of this post, and review and see what I may be teaching users, that you're currently not doing or missing all together.

At this current point in time, I would also advise not holding onto any items. As it seems you may be a newcomer to flipping. So you probably would want practice reviewing the tables and graphs by flipping high volume items, like resources, food, potions, etc. Once you've become utterly comfortable with those, you could try your hand again at flipping whips, boots, blowpipes, staffs, etc.

Anyways, I wish you the best of luck :) and we're always available on Discord if you need further guidance: https://www.ge-tracker.com/chat

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On 06/08/2019 at 2:23 AM, Arc0nic said:

they need to track runelite as well

It's Runelite's decision not to publish a pricing API

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