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Filter Items Setting and Price Graph

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Neither of these are working for me.

The Filter Items setting wont update the item list after  have clicked on "Save Filters". It becomes stuck on the item filter page and I can not update anything on it. Instead, I have to click on the list of items behind the filter to close the item filter. It's seems to be struggling to load the page, although my laptop loads everything else just fine.

secondly, Price graphs aren't appearing for me. I have tampered with the settings to no success.


I am a Premium member, recently joined today. Would this affect these tools? as my profile may not of been updated yet? 

Any help would be appreciated.







Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (2).png

Screenshot (4).png

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Hey Fozzer,

It looks like you're using Internet Explorer, which is a browser that we do not support.

If you switch over to Edge, things may work, but I would recommend using either Chrome or Firefox.

Let me know if this fixes things :)

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