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At Runefest '17, I was able to push my way through the crowds of people (swarm of nerds?) and played OSRS Mobile on one of Jagex's test devices.

The build quality was great, even in the alpha version, and you can tell how much hard work Jagex staff have put into converting our favourite game into a portable version. I was initally concerned about small clickboxes on the inventory/menu items, but in later versions it looks like this has been improved. Unfortunately, due to limited time on the device at RF, I was unable to do any PvM - with the exception of running around Edgeville, slaughtering the Men in the house.

Was anyone in th GE Tracker community lucky enough to get their hands on the open-beta? If you did, we'd love to hear about your experience so far :) If not, then what activity are you most looking forward to when OS Mobile is released?

OSRS Mobile - GE Tracker

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How long were you able to test it out? Were you just walking around to say you've had the opportunity? ;)

I have my fingers crossed that I'll be one of the selected participants for the next batch of beta users :) I think I'll be able to grind out more runecrafting on mobile to get that beautiful pet :o
In before the game bugs and I lose the pet upon receiving it.

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I was in the closed beta on my samsung galaxy S7. Battery and CPU usage on the phone was high so it heated up significantly. Maintained 60 fps unless went fully zoomed out. Fingers don't make for the most efficient/precise mice though, so i'd recommend just going for a tablet or getting a stylus if you plan on playing on your phone a lot. The beta itself had very few bugs. On the hidden forum section we could post feedback to, I didn't hear anything about anything gamebreakinig being discovered outside of a rendering glitch here or there.

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