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[New video] Whys isn't the BGS 10m+ || BGS vs DWH & AGS

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It's been so long since I've made a video, but alas! Here we are with our newest release, a look at the recent update that had buffed the Bandos Godsword to a 50-50% spec, and comparing it to the DWH & AGS.

How does it fair?

In other news

  • ‘Log Completed Offer’ will now display the time at which the panel was opened
  • Godswords have been added to Item Sets & Crafting
  • When logging a complete transaction, the total profit is displayed in the confirmation message
  • Trendline prices are shown on hover (this must be toggled on via “Options -> Indicators -> Show Trendline Prices”)
  • There is now a “Mark as Read” button on the Notification dropdown
  • Daily price changes are listed at the bottom
  • The ‘Most Profitable Items’ page has been added, allowing you to view your biggest flips (and losers)

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