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Dragon claws

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Hey guys purchased d-claws last night at 788500000 x 4 and they've soared past their historical low to almost 78.0m in the last 12 hours. Should I sell and take the hit or weight out the storm. Stand to lose almost 4 m on this single transaction atm.

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Raids items have been quite risky in recent times (past 2 months I'd say)

If I were to invest in any kind of raid item, I would be watching specifically for a turning point in it's overall direction

What I mean by this, is when an item starts going down in value, it's going to experience some resistance and bounce here and there. Those little bounces is where you want to try and snatch a profit

But in regards as to where you stand now, I would just use your best judgement and closely watch the claws overall direction :) ESPECIALLY in the short run (day and weekly timeframes)

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