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Taking advantage of Mining Guild. Made 24M Profit in 1 day! With Video!

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Hey guys. So today is a special day for me. At 12:30PM i noticed that twitch was live streaming a demonstration for tomorrow update on Mining Guild. As soon as i tune into the twitch stream, immediately i went to the grand exchange and start buying Dragon Pickaxe. Below will be 2 videos, one with me profiting 2m then losing 2m due to the chaotic price range of Dragon Pickaxe, i also explained at the time my plans to capitalized on the chaotic market. The second video is me explaining the graph and showing my 24M profit. 


In both videos i explained at the time how i felt about my market and my thoughts on possible dips, rise and plans on maximizing my profit. This single day has been the largest flip i had ever done in the past 7 days and i would love to share it with all of you. 


Video 1: My experience at first with Dragon Pickaxe where i profit 2M and lost 2M in a matter of minutes. Here is where i talk about the graph, my prediction and my plan to make a lot of money with dragon pick -



Video 2: In this video i share my achievement with all of you. I was able to show that my prediction was correct, and i was very fortunate and lucky enough to make 24M in a single day. -




Dragon Pickaxe Bought.png

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Looks like a pretty successful day! My lack of attention paid to news and streams is what keeps me from making flips like these, good job though!

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Thanks man! It was all coincidence for me. I was just lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. Now that i got a feel for how much i can profit out of update hypes i'll be keeping my calendar open for every future update.

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Very nice, I remember approving your image for your merchanting log, a really good find. I wish I was paying attention when this stuff was going down!

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