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Hey everyone

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Hey everyone my name's Josh, and a few days ago I got into flipping. I always wanted to, but never really took the time to get to understand how it worked, nor the patience. But after watching FlippingOSRS's videos about this site and such I learned a lot. The past 3 days or so of using this website has helped me accumulate about 20M gold in profits. Anyway, it's been enjoyable watching my profits grow, and I'm excited to see where this takes me. Nice to meet all of you. My IGN is Duha if you're interested in adding me. :) I haven't played much since the release of OSRS, but this makes it easy to get back into. Happy Memorial Day.

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Welcome to GE-Tracker Josh, I'm glad you're enjoying your time here, it's good to see our youtube partners have had such a positive influence on you. Well done on the profit you have made and I hope to see you around :)

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