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Big Head 22

Zulrah nerf and it's effects on the market

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So with the Zulrah drop table being nerfed, I believe there may be a few opportunities for somewhat long term investments.  I don't consider myself an expert by any means, but I hope that my predictions do work out as planned.

I put some money into scales as I think it would be reasonable to assume a significant drop in supply due to decreased killing of the boss.  I personally believe that most of the uniques dropped by zulrah will increase in price since eventually, the boss will be more about those items rather than the consistent drops.  I do think the spike in scales now is a reaction, and it will go down soon, but hopefully in the long term they will increase as they are taken out of the game.

What do you all think about this change, predictions for how the market will be affected?

edit: seems the zulrah nerf wasn't too bad, we will see how or if the prices change after all

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I guess there's also an equilibrium there -- fewer people kill zulrah means drops go up in price, which makes zulrah more profitable which means more people kill zulrah and so on.  So the original nerf of around 30% might turn out to only be a nerf of about 20% in the long run due to price increases.  

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