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Name: Ischyri
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
GE Tracker Profile (link): https://www.ge-tracker.com/profile/quyksilver
Discord Username: quyksilver
How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: Average 4 hours per day
What is your experience of merching prior to GE Tracker?: None
Examples of contributing to GE Tracker (incl. referring friends), or helping new users: I've been in the discord for 11 months now. Recently I've been trying to help out there whenever I have time. People especially ask me for help with math stuff in RS :P

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Hey @quyksilver :) , sorry for taking so long to reply to this on here. But you already know we've talked about this before in the past.

You were here from the essentially the start of Ge Trackers public present, and have always been such a positive influence in the community. I know your time was tied up with school, and for that reason alone, I didn't want you to feel obligated or overwhelmed or distracted with your studies. I value resources and time just as much as you do, and I respect those values of yours, so.. hence the veteran role :) . It's a representation of our acknowledgement that we always value your presence here & are essentially a moderator without all the extra weight.

The door has never closed :) so keep that in mind, we'd love to see you talk more ;)
We're always looking for more to join us on board

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