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You must construct additional AntiTcbs

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Oh, where to begin with this game...

I had quickly fell in love with it way back in 2005 after fiddling around on Miniclip.com. Little did I know that so much of my life would be eaten up by it, haha. I really had developed my gaming style into what it is now because of RuneScape. I'm a collector, an achiever (a lazy one, but I still managed to hold my Quest Cape from 2007-2009), and I deeply enjoy playing the market. Probably my favorite memory of this game was actually being in World 2 Falador Park on the day the God Wars Dungeon was released. I managed to witness the first pair of Dragon Boots be traded away for several partyhats. 

Like most, EoC really drove me away from the game, and then Old School roped me back in. I dove right back into the grind, and with reddit being a thing now, became engrossed in /r/2007scape. That's how I found out about GE-Tracker, and really fell in love with @James' work. So much so, I quickly suggested he open a Discord guild for the site, which also opened up the gateway for me to write Wise Old Bot! Right now, I'm on a bit of a hiatus, but I'll probably dive back in sometime this year. 

Misc facts:

  • I'm a C# developer and like fiddling around with little projects when I can (basically how Wise Old Bot came to be).
  • I've had spinal fusion surgery and now have two rods and 20-something screws attached to my spine!
  • I've never had a trimmed Skill Cape! I've only had 99 ATK and the Quest Point Cape on my original RS2 account, 99 Cooking on my original OSRS account (got hacked and banned when I was taking a break).
  • My favorite quest is Mourning's End Part II, but my favorite quest series is the Myreque, especially after Darkness of Hallowvale.
  • I can quote probably about 60-80% of Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged. 
  • I'm probably the worst PKer ever. I couldn't even break 20 kills during the 6/6/06 celebration event.
  • Should Old School ever get Summoning, I will revive my old goal of having a Level 15 Combat 99 Summoning skiller.
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For some reason I always thought you were maxed combat pre-EOC for some reason! 

Haha from the sounds of it, you have more metal in your body than I do! :P Really glad you pushed me to create Discord and made Wise Old Bot - looking forward to the future updates :D

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5 hours ago, AntiTcb said:


You must construct additional AntiTcbs

I honestly shouldn't have expected anything else, but I still laughed at this.. Typical anti xD

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