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Found 1 result

  1. GE Tracker API question

    Hello GT Forum, I have been fiddling with the GT API for a bit now and I cannot seem to figure out what format the results I am getting from a search request are. I thought it was JSON at first but it looks so odd with all of the slashes. Following is the resulting string for the search query "twisted bow": "{\"data\":[{\"itemId\":20997,\"name\":\"Twisted bow\",\"icon\":\"https:\\/\\/www.ge-tracker.com\\/assets\\/images\\/icons\\/20997.gif\",\"buyingQuantity\":4,\"sellingQuantity\":6,\"overall\":1195185244,\"buying\":1195429867,\"selling\":1195022162,\"buyLimit\":8,\"lowAlch\":0,\"highAlch\":0,\"updatedAt\":\"2018-09-09 09:30:31\",\"cachedUntil\":\"2018-09-09 09:40:31\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/www.ge-tracker.com\\/item\\/twisted-bow\"}],\"meta\":{\"count\":1,\"query\":\"twisted bow\"}}" Next here is the resulting string from a search query that will yield multiple items, query "twisted": "{\"data\":[{\"itemId\":20997,\"name\":\"Twisted bow\",\"icon\":\"https:\\/\\/www.ge-tracker.com\\/assets\\/images\\/icons\\/20997.gif\",\"buyingQuantity\":4,\"sellingQuantity\":6,\"overall\":1195185244,\"buying\":1195429867,\"selling\":1195022162,\"buyLimit\":8,\"lowAlch\":0,\"highAlch\":0,\"updatedAt\":\"2018-09-09 09:30:31\",\"cachedUntil\":\"2018-09-09 09:40:31\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/www.ge-tracker.com\\/item\\/twisted-bow\"},{\"itemId\":21000,\"name\":\"Twisted buckler\",\"icon\":\"https:\\/\\/www.ge-tracker.com\\/assets\\/images\\/icons\\/21000.gif\",\"buyingQuantity\":13,\"sellingQuantity\":7,\"overall\":9773361,\"buying\":9786153,\"selling\":9749605,\"buyLimit\":8,\"lowAlch\":0,\"highAlch\":0,\"updatedAt\":\"2018-09-09 09:30:31\",\"cachedUntil\":\"2018-09-09 09:40:31\",\"url\":\"https:\\/\\/www.ge-tracker.com\\/item\\/twisted-buckler\"}],\"meta\":{\"count\":2,\"query\":\"twisted\"}}" I have tried using a C# JSON deserializer to put it in a class which has all of the attributes that we can see in the abovementioned objects, hoping it would work but no bueno. It also doesnt rly look like JSON with all the slashes. Dont think ive seen anything like this before. I couldnt find any API related stuffs on the forums so hope someone can help me out, kinda clueless now. Thanks in advance.


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