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  1. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Cow_calf so tasty
  2. That's because it says "Long term goals"
  3. Nah, cows are great, I enjoy it when I slaughter and consume their young
  4. Hey! Just a quick introduction (I'll probably edit at a later date) As you probably guessed, I was born and currently reside in Australia, I love it here, I'm easy going and very rarely take myself seriously. I've been playing RS for ~15 years on and off, only found OSRS may of 2016 (By finding a Zeah rework from gentle-tractor on Imgur of all places) I semi-actively go to college for Digital and Interactive games, I spend most of my day being a freeloader and playing games, enjoying it while I can My long term goals include 99 Agility, 99 RC, 85 Construction (Because there's no point in 99) and getting the RC pet before Benefits I'm very active on discord, so if you feel like it, give me a shout, I'll try to help out wherever I can, I'm not the best person to ask when it comes to flipping as I rarely flip myself, I, however, can help with basic questions. I look forward to meeting some new people, and participating in whatever events my timezone wants me to


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