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  1. Also Tan leather on lunars if you have fremmy hard done and 78 magic, about 100k magic xp/h if you imbue between casts
  2. Holy cow it's almost been a year for me as well, I remember seeing the reddit post and thinking 'this looks great but like a lot of great things it probably won't gain traction' ... Well all I can say is sometimes it's good to be wrong haha . Even if I'm not the best flipper/mercher out there I check the Ge Tracker site multiple times a day, even on days when I don't play rs. The site is just so useful I'm sure we will continue to grow and there are many great years to come.
  3. Sold for like 2.3m lol, can't believe how this item fluctuates in price so much
  4. This happened to me a few times as well, but it changes to the right day graph after about 10 seconds.
  5. Name: Ruben (real life and on ge tracker), zwartjas (in game) Location: Belgium (real life) , GE (in game ) GE Tracker Profile (link): clicky Discord Username: kikre How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: I would say on average a good 2-4 hours a day, mostly in the evening What is your experience of merching prior to GE Tracker?: Mostly failed merchs when I played around 2008, some small flipping profits now and then before I joined Ge tracker Examples of contributing to GE Tracker (incl. referring friends), or helping new users: I joined GE trackers quite early, gave some feedback and suggestions. Also referred some friends who use it every so often, but I don't think they registered an account. I'm also regularly found in the Ge tracker CC and Discord, and you can add me in game (ign: zwartjas) .
  6. I would love this! Currently it's not really useful, if you look at my graph there are times where I didn't log anything for a few weeks/months and the graph just skips to the next day where I logged something. I agree it would be amazing if we could set a time frame to watch our progress.
  7. Not sure if it fits here, but here's a thing I did ( and my sister) :
  8. Not that I know of, but it has a lot of features for free that the free version of osbuddy doesnt have. If I had Osb pro I would definitely use that over Konduit. (The most annoying thing is when people use the !commands and you have no idea whats going on )
  9. something like this, a little softer and lighter. Also that last one fits pretty well for a flipping site I think! http://imgur.com/a/PrwGD <-- I got these 2 from this album
  10. Just curious what client would be most used by people who flip. Personally I've used osbuddy for about a year and recently started used Konduit too. I now use both, depending on what I'doing atm (afk skills like cooking, mining at mlm are great with konduit imo because you get the afk alerts, if you use osbuddy you need to have pro to get most of the alerts I think).
  11. Oh I see, thanks a lot for the clarification! I'll check out the new logging in the active transactions page. Have a nice day
  12. Hey, I don't know if this is know or being worked on, but here's a small bug I seem to come across a lot: Basically when I have marked some items as bought, and I'm currently trying to sell them (also have it marked as 'active sales'), while viewing the item's page, it mentions this: It says "you have past purchases for this item: " and then the price I'm currently trying to sell it for, instead of the price I bought it for. Maybe this is just me not understanding this, but I believe this is in need of some wording/coding fix. Regards, Ruben


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