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  1. Rsn: ClaytronRS Discord Username: ClaytronRS How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: 10-15 hours Elite or General rank?: (Elite) With one exception - Do not have ornate Rejuvination pool, meet all other requirements. Could obtain pool in a short period of time have disposable capital to obtain level needed. Which bossing team would you like to join? - Any and all, more in it for the sense of community and fun than money. Bonus: Do you have a crystal halberd? Negatory.
  2. Hey guys purchased d-claws last night at 788500000 x 4 and they've soared past their historical low to almost 78.0m in the last 12 hours. Should I sell and take the hit or weight out the storm. Stand to lose almost 4 m on this single transaction atm.


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