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  1. I was about to attempt to do this but I decided to do a HCIM instead, now i need to fund that account with bonds
  2. Osbuddy is the only one ive ever payed attention too I use the og launcher when osbuddy is having problems though, such as long updates.
  3. I attempted to sell all 3k feathers, no one bit. i was told it was osbuddys listing fault but I guess it was people panic selling?
  4. Glad you found this cause my god do I hate the color green now. I was looking for the exact coloration and everything, guess I should have looked less into it.
  5. There is a way to make the site dark with google plugins BUT those dont always mesh very well and the graphs are left with the bright white contrast on the dark, it would be interesting to see some theme implementation in the future possibly a dark, medium, light and other themes (cant think of anymore off the top).
  6. I technically am making this post to fill a pre requisite for a contest, but i shall introduce anyways. Im Cristopher Robin, im a poor man trying to make it in this big bad world. I started flipping with around 2.5 mil (including items) and have now grew my net to 9 mil withing the week of on and off flipping. I started playing runescape in the summer of 2016 and never played before that. Im relatively noobish when it comes too knowing things about the game but im slowly learning especially seeing as im about to start a HCIM (ig HCIM Bot 69). Hopefully i can gain some useful information from you all
  7. Can anyone explain why they think the market is declining. I have an idea that it has to do with the f2p member weekend and the zulrah nerfs, or it has nothing to do with either. If anyone has an answer that would be great : D
  8. I understand that the history is sorted somewhat but it would be nice to sort by the transaction date, name of item, volume and so on.


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