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  1. yea i mean it was a last min flip so yea i guess i did get lucky there but still when u only have bout 5m 180k is alot lol
  2. so with the whole f2p allowed to to play in members world for a weekend apparently there's still new people in f2p and i guess probably bots too but i bought zulrah scales at 115 thinking they would go back up and i wake up next morning to find that i lost bout 180k off zulrah scales over night cause of f2p players. Wow thanks jagex lol. Thankfully it was easy to flip the money back lol
  3. alright i sent in an email, whenever u guys can check it to resolve this would be nice. Thanks
  4. so this account has the wrong email and password i was wonder i could get this account deleted or get the email changed to [email protected] and get a password reset sent to that same email


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