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  1. This is a series where I have sold my entire bank and put it onto an alternate account so I can start fresh and come up with my own ideas on how I'll start off and what money making methods I'll use to make money. Firstly, I sold bank This my bank in untradeables, after I'd sold everything and transferred it, What's left are all essentials such as my fire cape, fighter torso, dragon defender, barrows gloves. The only thing worth noting is my feathers collection which I will not sell. Next I went to lumbridge and killed 4 cows, picked up the bones and cowhides, sold them for an anti-dragon shield and a knife. I went to Lava Dragon Isle in the wilderness and picked white berries with a looting bag, after the first inventory I went back to the GE to buy a couple of stamina potions to make my trips faster. I did a total of 3 trips. After my third and final inventory of white berries I went to the grand exchange and bought myself a dragon scimitar, black d'hide body/chaps, a glory and some supplies for killing green dragons. I stayed there for roughly 3 hours not being the most efficient at killing green dragons, I was not pked as it was earlier in the morning and I used a 2k total world. I also managed to pick up 2 hard clues, for emotes, I already had items in my STASH. The rewards were pretty decent. After my grinding I had accumulated roughly 2.6m, I bought myself a whip and some barrows gear. The 4th chest of the series I got myself a very juicy loot, I have the hard Morytania diary so all runes I received are doubled. After my lucky loot it was pretty much a dry streak of just runes and bolt racks. At the end of episode 1, this is how my bank is looking. If you would like me to continue posting updates or have any suggestions on how I can improve my series please let me know, I think I will edit the pictures down to give more space on the thread.
  2. It's not possible I'm afraid, you must choose from 1 of our payment options on the website to receive premium. We do not allow this as it would violate Jagex's ToS and as we are a business dedicated to helping players in the Runescape community we must abide by their ToS.
  3. I'd like to thank James for the music channel and Erisbot, It's clearly been a very successful update on our discord pulling in many faces we would not normally see in a voice channel. It's nice to see so many people come together to listen to various types of music. I've never seen so many people in our voice channels, it's great to see the community grow and the popularity of music was a nice direction for us to go in. If you guys ever want to listen to our music in discord don't be afraid to come along, we listen to all different types of music!
  4. Welcome to GE-Tracker Josh, I'm glad you're enjoying your time here, it's good to see our youtube partners have had such a positive influence on you. Well done on the profit you have made and I hope to see you around
  5. Duckimo

    Time To Move On

    Hello 26g, It's been a pleasure having you as a big part of our youtube side, your videos have been an inspiration and have been very interesting to watch. I hope you enjoy your summer and come back to finish off your series, I will look forward to it
  6. Team Xeric's First Drop awildcow duckimoYelow
  7. Team Xeric Raid I Pk Myth0 awildcow duckimo Yelow SellAfrica
  8. I like the idea also, as for having no one be allowed to speak, not too sure but it'd be nice to have a music bot on our server.
  9. Pretty awful, very anti-climatic end to the season
  10. I think it depends on the volume and value of the item, If it's something like Zulrah scales or Death runes. No, there's no need for it. If it's something a bit more competitive like chins or a low volume item like DWH/Arcane, undercutting is part of competing and it's where I make the majority of my profit. But I do also understand the implications of how much undercutting can affect everyone else's profit and for this reason I try to undercut as little as possible.
  11. Welcome to GE-Tracker, Glad you are enjoying your time here it's a great community to be a part of! What's your favorite genre of music? A bit of everything What's your favorite TV show? The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones What do you like about RS? The different communities and bosses in the game, also I really enjoy PvM How long have you been using GE Tracker? A little bit over 4 months ~Duck
  12. We have a section on the site which shows how much you can make from doing this here https://www.ge-tracker.com/tan-leather
  13. I have a couple of suggestions that might make everyone's experience a little better. Users active in the last hour could be sorted to have staff, mods, premium users, regular users instead of it being a bit random Account help forum section (for problems with email and account recovery) Make notifications relating to updates automatically be deleted after a certain amount of time (whether read or not) A reddit link under social medias A couple more voice channels in case the other two are occupied
  14. Pretty old topic but if they've brought back Runescape who's to say scientists can't bring back the Mammoth. Ice age was one of my favourite movies growing up
  15. Hello, well I'm definitely not new to the community but I still wanted to make this post to say hi. I've been flipping for probably a little over a year now and found GE-Tracker in January. I've found the community very friendly and I'm very happy to be a part of it, I chill on discord and in the clan chat every day so if you'd like to come and say hello you know where to find me. I like ducks because they're cool. Thanks for the warm welcoming that I've received during my time here
  16. Name: Iain (not Lain) Location: UK GE Tracker Profile (link): https://www.ge-tracker.com/profile/duckimo Discord Username: Duckimo How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: 20 hours What is your experience of merching prior to GE Tracker?: None, but have plenty of game knowledge Examples of contributing to GE Tracker (incl. referring friends), or helping new users: I like to organise events for the community, I have contributed in assisting newbies on discord and in the clan chat by pointing them in the right direction. I have created a PvM thread dedicated to the community showcasing drops received during GE-Tracker events. I introduce people to the server and do my best to show them around GE-Tracker's Youtube to show them what we're all about and what guides we have to offer and how to manage their merches.


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