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  1. Yeah, as Zips as stated, we get our prices from OSBuddy, you're welcome to compare our graphs to theirs but we aren't manipulating anything, the blowpipes have caught everyone by storm, most players in Runescape right now are aware of the price of the blowpipe, there have even been a few video releases.

  2. Rsn:straphug
    Discord Username: yvng h
    How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: u dont even wanna know, got school tho so 30+hrs
    Which bossing team would you like to join?Basically everything but sara Bonus:
    Do you have a crystal halberd?no  sadboy



  3. Welcome to GE-Tracker Camel, I'm glad you're enjoying it here, it's nice to see you made some profits keep up the good work!

    If you'd like to talk to anyone regarding merching or anything else the best way to reach us is via discord.

  4. I believe I've pestered James a couple of times for a dark mode, I think it's on his todo list although he has a very long todo list I'm sure he will get to it eventually. It would be nice to see some new themes for the website though I agree.


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