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  1. lmfao, ocd fulfillment. relatable af
  2. @Duckimo yeah, ever since season 4 it's been kinda downhill in my opinion
  3. How has the walking dead been? Haven't watched since like mid-season 5
  4. Depending on the items I will undercut. When I am unfamiliar with a high volume item I will tend to undercut by 1 gp, but when I actively trade a high volume item I will go as far as putting my offer up to 25 gp below their offer. All depends on the situation for me but I would be a huge fan if everyone would match each others margins.
  5. Greetings! My name is Flancy. I've been with this site for a few weeks and I really love this. I thought i posted an introduction but I mustve never hit send. I'm looking to become a little more active on the forums here so I would like to introduce myself to everyone. I am 19 year old from the east coast USA, been playing rs for years, my current accounts include a 122 cmb main, and a g maul pure that i am currently building. I love the clanning aspects of the game. Love using this site to learn about the in-game market so I can hopefully apply it to the real world via day trading stocks (IF YOU DAY TRADE PLEASE CONTACT ME, NEED ADVISE). Currently work a construction job as a laborer. My current in game motives are: get all of the grindy training out now, so I can chill/relax and PK/boss all summer. Now so I can learn a little about you guys, post a reply to one or all of these questions! What's your favorite genre of music? What's your favorite TV show? What do you like about RS? How long have you been using GE Tracker? -Flancy


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