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  1. This is quite a wide reaching suggestion that could encompass a good few 'features/methods', I noticed we currently don't have the capacity to log buying an item, transforming it into another and selling the result for profit. Some examples: Buy uncharged dragonstone jewelry -> charge -> Sell charged jewelry for profit/loss. Buy broken/degraded items (i.e barrows) -> repair -> Sell fixed item for profit/loss. Buy two items (i.e spirit shield + sigil / master wand + kodai insignia) -> combine -> sell for profit/loss. The best way that I can think of implementing such a feature would be to have an option on the past purchases button, for example: Using the Amulet of Glory as an example, clicking the 'transform' option could change the Sell offer options into 'transform' options: Replace 'Sell price' with a dropdown where you select what the item is becoming. In this case the options are 'Amulet of Glory(4)' or 'Amulet of Glory(6)'. In the case where only one item is possible (i.e repairing barrows) then this field is pre-filled. Quantity field remains the same, if less than the total quantity is used then it splits the past purchase in half and only converts the necessary amount. Add a 'Cost per transform (gp)' field. Here the user enters whatever it cost them to 'transform' each item. In the case of charging jewelry it could be the cost of teleports, for repairing barrows it could be the repair cost, for a Kodai insignia to a Kodai wand the cost of a master wand etc etc... For items with expensive mandatory costs (i.e the master wand requirement for a Kodai) it should require proof to be submitted that the user did in fact purchase the item for that price. Proceeding with this would then remove the 'past purchase' of the initial item (Amulet of Glory) and add a 'past purchase' to the new item (Amulet of Glory(6)), the cost 'paid' would be the initial item purchase price + the 'cost per transform'. When the new item is sold it could appear on the log as something like this: Very rough idea, there's probably a better way of implementing but I'm coming up blank here. Currently quite a vast money making avenue that is quite difficult to log at present.


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