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  1. Hi @Cutler, Your payment was rejected as you sent funds in USD rather than GBP. I've forwarded an email to the address attached to your account with instructions on sending correct currency. Please note the payment you have sent will take a few days to go back into your account. Regards Dan
  2. Very nice gesture Jack. Good luck all who are entering!
  3. Hi @Fulforce @James is still working hard on getting them working correctly and they'll be released as soon as possible.
  4. Rsn: Briggsy Discord Username: Dan How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: 4+ Hours Most days. Which bossing team would you like to join? All if possible. Bonus: Nope
  5. Congrats to you both also. Would like to thank @James & @BenefitsOfaCow for the opportunity.
  6. Started with about 19m went up to around 150m and back down to around 50m (dual arena dislikes me)
  7. Correct! Well done, I was certain it would take longer to find haha. If you could DM your ge tracker username I will get the membership added to your account some time today. Well done!
  8. I'm a huge farming fan, sat just shy of level 77 at the moment and it's probably my favorite skill. I had 99 on a original account of mine before the whole OSRS and it's my goal to reach 99 too. Good work and keep it up!
  9. #1 & #2 Will be updated some time later today, as correctly guessed but not meeting the requirements in the rules.
  10. World Map Contest! Three map locations - Three Prizes - Find them! Rules : 10+ forum post count ( If user posts correct answer and doesn't meet post count require, new map location will be added ) No cheating Post location you think in this thread, first post that correctly guesses will win. Easy Medium Hard Update Later Update Later Rewards : Easy Map Location : 1 x 1 month GE-Tracker Membership Medium Map Location : 1 x 3 month GE-Tracker Membership Hard Map Location : 1 x 5 month GE-Tracker Membership Good luck all. Dan
  11. Congrats @BenefitsOfaCow Very much deserved!
  12. Definitely a great plugin to have running on the discord channel!
  13. Hi Secc, Yes, it's been nerfed now and i believe it is being removed from the site soon.
  14. Dan


    Hi Kelly, Welcome to GE-Tracker
  15. Dan

    Time To Move On

    Hi @26g Sorry to hear that's happened. My one bit of advice would be to say don't let them stop you what you started. You have a great YouTube channel and were doing really well! I personally enjoyed watching the Looting videos + 10m to 1b videos. Secondly set up the authenticator on your account (You can find out more on this by checking @zips guide (Zips OCD Guide To Account Security) Enjoy the summer, if i don't see you hope everything works out!


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