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  1. No buy limit? These could be great for some inactive flips since people are pretty happy to just drop money on enough emblems to get rune pouches. Will keep an eye on them, congrats on the profits
  2. It can be frustrating when you lose a lot all of a sudden, but the moral of the story is that slow and steady gains win the race! In my opinion, you're far more likely to make money through merchanting than through dicing!
  3. English


    Extremely impressive @tvojamtka, I love watching your progress and trying to keep up with you! Onwards to your next 2.147b! Any medium-term goals?
  4. English


    Yo let me know know when you're done, i'll join!
  5. I've been experiencing this bug a lot, and waiting ~20s or so doesn't seem to clear it unfortunately. Any other workarounds until @James can fix this?
  6. I'd be amazed if there were repercussions as a solo manipulator. I'd imagine you could keep going.
  7. This is the worst part of trading high-vol items in my opinion! I usually match the sell if I'm heading off and won't be on for a bit but if i'm actively flipping i'll usually undercut. On low vol items I always match sell. One trick that can scare people is if you cut the margin to 1gp between buy and sell. Most will panic and totally sell their stock and if you've got a few buys you can buy all their stock for a little cheaper (since they flood the market) and then you get control over the sell price. Risky but great when it works.
  8. Ouch haha The lower the volume the less reason there is to do a price check haha. Don't be scared of these items though, they are what make you the most money once you start getting over 200M or so!
  9. Had a nice little flip this morning with the mage's book: Bought low at 11,600~ and they rose about 1m overnight. Combined with selling high, I netted a profit of ~1.6M ea over 8 books which combined to: 13.18M EDIT: I should add the first 6 insta-sold for 13,250,000 - way above what I anticipated the buy price to be. Pretty nuts.
  10. Yeah, @Bescape is totally correct actually, Wilson made a ridiculous amount of money off 3rd age manipulation. He has a merch log over on a competitor website (i'll let you google it..)
  11. English


    Damn that's insane! What sort of team size? I saw Woox's solo twisted bow the other day and was like "maybe I should be doing raids" haha.
  12. English


    Welcome! Nice to see there are still those who remember w2 fally park days haha. Any luck with Raids so far? I still haven't even been >.>
  13. Welcome! Merchanting on F2P is notoriously hard work, as you get a lot less freedom in terms of the items you can merch with. That being said, it's certainly not impossible and you're in the best place to learn. Don't be afraid to ask questions! If you have any questions/need any help, feel free to PM me on here or in-game: Im_English
  14. Hello, Having logged so many trades, I'm starting to get to the point that my merching graph is getting a little bit congested. I like to keep track of my own merchanting trends (such as last month profit etc.), as well as look at those of others, and I think it'd be great if we could have the tools to look at the graph in more granular detail (much like how you can change the item price dates. My suggestions are to add 2 different boxes: 1. Where you can input 2 dates, and the graph will build from those 2 dates. 2. Much like on items currently, be able to select Year -> Day time frames. I added a mock up (forgive my paint skills..) to give you a better idea: Tagging @James for reference. Let me know what you think
  15. @tvojamtka Solo manipulation is do-able, but requires quite a lot of attention and depending on the item, a lot of accounts. I've done it twice myself, first accidentally but then secondly on purpose as a test and the biggest problem I found was that after you've inflated the price a certain amount, getting rid of your stock is actually really hard. Since the best items to do it with are those that are illiquid, it's hard to shift your stock and in doing so you with all the items you've had to buy, you put a lot of downward pressure on the price. Doing it with items that are traded more would be better, but you need a lot more capital and accounts in order to create any reasonable movement. In my opinion you are better off just doing what you're doing at the moment. Congrats on hitting 2b profit by the way!
  16. English


    Haha - don't worry, I also laughed when I saw the price..! In the scheme of things it's not the biggest loss so not too bothered, just sucks when you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  17. You're definitely correct on historic lows with a fluctuating pattern. If you are still crashing down past historic lows then I suppose that fundamentally something has changed about the value of the item. And as you correctly say in your post we've had a lot of new shields being released so the DFS has certainly lost quite a lot of its value. Thanks for linking the toxic staff, hadn't really been following it but it seems to be a bit ahead of the DFS but having suffered the same fate. Looks like the DFS is going on the backburner for me in terms of investments. As ever it's always nice flipping crashing items, so i'll keep doing that I think.
  18. English

    Hey y'all.

    I think i've seen your series too! Nice to meet you and look forward to swapping tips
  19. Absolutely - Supercompost is pretty stable now. It peaked when fossil island was first discussed but has come back down to normal-ish levels. Really it's just about timing because I don't want to be holding 100M of supercompost for 6 months - 1 month would be much more agreeable.
  20. English


    I was active flipping DFS' yesterday and after putting my buy offer in I didn't manage to get back on to RS to update it for a while and woke up to this: The price is currently.. So I guess the lesson here is make sure you're not actively flipping items that are dropping and can't log on for a day..! Have a look at my DFS discussion below if you're interested:
  21. Hi guys, I've been following the DFS for a while now, and it's been on a seemingly endless fall since the release of raids: This is sort of expected because: - It had an extremely large jump in price just before raids were released. - It is not really that useful in raids The most interesting thing about the DFS is that it is at its historical low. Typically, investing in things when they hit historical lows can net you some tidy profits - but obviously, it's all about timing. My question (and what I'd like opinions on too) is: - when do we think that the DFS will break out of this fall, and what sort of correction are we expecting.
  22. English


    Welcome to the forums! Curious as to why RS is under your top 15 games haha? Also - do you prefer fable 2 or fable 3? Fable 2 is probably in my all time top games but I thought 3 just wasn't as good Hope you enjoy your time here.
  23. Thanks for taking a look into it, it'd be a really nice feature and also would get more people involved with the forums I think.
  24. Hiya, I check my offers in the ge every hour or so, and do so on the web app. One thing i've noticed is that I don't get notifications from the forum on the web app - for example: "Someone replied to your post" or "Someone sent you a message". Would be nice to see when there are things going on in the forums from the Web app as I use the web app so much!


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