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  1. I don't think so, hype raises because of a release happen before or on the day itself. And anguish compared to the other zenyte items seems to be where it should be price wise. If you look at tormented bracelets however, this items is 500k below any other zenyte item. Meaning people wont make the bracelets anymore and it should go up to the price of the other zenyte items. (unless all the other 3 zenyte items drop to the price of the bracelet)
  2. Heya just made an account, I was curious. There is a approx offer price and a approx sell price. What do these actually mean? because obviously for every item bought theres an item sold for the same price. Thanks in advance! (and bonus question about osrs itself, how does the GE work with item sets. Does the GE make item sets by itself by combining pieces or do item sets only get in the GE if they are actually put in as an item set?)


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