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  1. Looks like a pretty successful day! My lack of attention paid to news and streams is what keeps me from making flips like these, good job though!
  2. So with the Zulrah drop table being nerfed, I believe there may be a few opportunities for somewhat long term investments. I don't consider myself an expert by any means, but I hope that my predictions do work out as planned. I put some money into scales as I think it would be reasonable to assume a significant drop in supply due to decreased killing of the boss. I personally believe that most of the uniques dropped by zulrah will increase in price since eventually, the boss will be more about those items rather than the consistent drops. I do think the spike in scales now is a reaction, and it will go down soon, but hopefully in the long term they will increase as they are taken out of the game. What do you all think about this change, predictions for how the market will be affected? edit: seems the zulrah nerf wasn't too bad, we will see how or if the prices change after all
  3. @Cow When flipping with that many accounts? do you fill every single G.E slot or is it more to avoid buy limits.
  4. So, I recently bought a bond for one of my other accounts, so that I could grab a short name with the release of inactive names... This got me wondering, when do you guys suggest starting to flip on a second account? I have begun flipping on 2 acccounts now, so I just put in 16 buy offers at around 2m each. What was your total worth when you started doing this?
  5. Okay, so I could be wrong about this, but i thought i'd show it. I bought 6 dharok's platebodies, and in ge tracker graph they have apparently been selling for prices as high as 1600k frequently... however, I have had them in for 1385k for about 16 hours now. So according to this graph people are frequently selling them at a much higher price than I have my sell offer in for. Is it showing the wrong prices?
  6. I'd love to hear about it. Do you have screenshots too?
  7. Very true! I have done my best to not let this discourage me and have already made another 5 or 6m from where i left myself so you are definitely right about that.
  8. Big fail on my part... 100% my own fault. Slowly gave a dice bot 32m. Not a flip but still a fail. Back down to 10m after my great flipping progress. I think in a month or so I can be back to where I was before I threw away my money in 10 minutes. I was thinking today how I am somewhat familiar with scams and whatnot, and how it would be hard to scam or lure me. But then I did this so I essentially scammed myself. Oh well... Moral of the story: don't gamble
  9. Awesome! What's your goal now?
  10. It seems to me than on a lot of items, when I click on "day" it doesn't actually show the day, but rather will show the week graph with a more points. Another thing that I have noticed is that sometimes the day graph will show a few hours, or even a single hour rather than the whole day. I cant find any examples of this specific issue so I have no screenshots for it. Above is the "day" graph This is a very small issue for me, since it still gives me all of the information that the day graph would give. Just thought it should be mentioned. If I find an example of a very shortened day graph like I mentioned before, I will add it to this post.
  11. Great idea! Just adding a button allowing day/week/month would be awesome. I've only been on here about a month and my graph is pretty hard to read.
  12. Today mysterious emblems were put into the GE! In just a couple hours they became my highest profit item on GE Tracker. I was able to make this much money off of them in a short period of time with only a 20m cash stack! It is interesting to see how fast the prices of these items change and the margins get smaller in such a short amount of time. I feel like this item should have a buy limit. Thoughts?
  13. I've been using runeloader a bit. I found it pretty nice since you can get a bank value without paying for a premium version like OSBuddy. The way is see it, much like @BenefitsOfaCow said about Konduit, is OSBuddy pro > runeloader > free OSBuddy Has anybody tried both Konduit and Runeloader? how do they compare?
  14. I had watched others flip on videos / etc. I think the tool is just very useful, many of the flips I have done were just suggested ones that looked good to me.
  15. Hey guys, I'm big head 22... Just bought a month of this service and have found it quite useful, turned 2m into about 18m in just a couple weeks! I hope to turn that into 100m, then maybe I will leave the GE and actually play the game. (Since I started flipping that's the only thing i've done on RS.)


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