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  2. Logging a sold offer

    Hey, We do not currently have a way to log "crafting" transactions, however, this is definitely on our to-do list and you can expect it within the next 6 weeks or so. What I would suggest, for now, is to log the whole transaction as Cannonballs, but enter the steel bar buy-price. Thanks,
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  4. Logging a sold offer

    First off, sorry if this is wrong forum. I just began using GE Tracker, and I logged a bought offer of 5500 Steel Bars @ 185 each I'm turning them into Cannonballs and I would like to see the current total profit. What I'm saying is that is there a way to log a sold offer if I never logged buying them? (since I didn't)
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  6. PVM Team Application

    Rsn: Yung mulah b Discord Username: horhus poni How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: depends but usially a few hours a day Which bossing team would you like to join? chambers of xeric, want a stable team, got 60kc already but cba pugging everytime Bonus: Do you have a crystal halberd? yes
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  8. Every time I check set desktop notifications to on in the account settings and hit save, it simply goes back to being unchecked. Is there an issue on my end? Thanks!
  9. Can we get this site working again?

    Hello, I can understand the frustration you may be feeling after just subscribing to our site. Ge Tracker is run by using OSBuddys API, and on very rare occasions, their api does go offline. Normally this is resolved fairly quite. However, on even rarer occasions, it may last for a few hours. This occurs so infrequently, I believe the last time this has happened was possibly 3-4 months ago. I do apologize for the inconvenience, but you can always find the status of the API right in your dashboard.
  10. I haven't been able to get ANY reliable info for the better half of the day which is kind of disappointing considering I paid for the service.
  11. Ignore me. I found their actual contact page and in there it noted that I can simply activate it thru the email I used for PayPal. There I go being silly again. Thanks anyway
  12. Hello! It is apparent that I signed on for premium too early this morning (out here in Denver, it is still only 8:30 AM). I sent money to GE Tracker LTD from my paypal. Enough for 6 months of premium. I forgot to slip my code into the notes and now I am without my money and without premium. If someone could teach me how to sort this out, or if a mod would be so kind as to reach out, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks, MrLambs.
  13. Runes Tanking

    Prices are usually inflated in the run up to a large update like The Kebos Lowlands, and because they were inflated above their regular value, it is likely that they will see a correction unless there remains a large demand for that item in particular. What generally follows an update like this is an overall decline in the market. These videos may help:
  14. Runes Tanking

    Similar situation, seen deaths plummet to 270 so thought i could make some cash, they dropped even further now. Any ideas?
  15. Runes Tanking

    I invested heavily in runes (namely deaths and nats) last night before i went to bed and today they tanked hard after the lowlands update. I really don't understand, did I make an oversight? Why did the prices plummet? I didn't believe that the update would effect rune prices. I would appreciate any input, Thank you very much guys.
  16. The Kebos Lowlands: 46 new items

    I need membership.. merchants dream haha
  17. Hey everyone! We have imported 46 new items from The Kebos Lowlands update. If you are not seeing them yet, clear your browser cache (Ctrl + Shift + R). You can also view these items on the New Items page. Battlefront teleport Bluegill Boots of brimstone Boots of stone Bottled dragonbreath Bottled dragonbreath (unpowered) Bottomless compost bucket Brimstone ring Broken dragon hasta Celastrus bark Celastrus sapling Celastrus seed Common tench Devout boots Dragon hasta Dragon hasta(kp) Dragon hasta(p) Dragon hasta(p+) Dragon hasta(p++) Dragon hunter lance Dragon knife Dragon knife(p) Dragon knife(p+) Dragon knife(p++) Dragonfruit Dragonfruit pie Dragonfruit sapling Dragonfruit tree seed Drake bones Drake's claw Drake's tooth Fish chunks Greater siren Hydra bones Hydra leather Hydra tail Hydra's claw Mottled eel Potato cactus seed Redwood sapling Redwood tree seed Snape grass seed Uncooked dragonfruit pie White lily White lily seed Wyrm bones
  18. Hello

    Welcome to GE Tracker
  19. We do have an automatic integration with OSBuddy, however, this feature is currently offline, pending the release of our mobile app
  20. Buying Limits update

    Filterable list (premium) - https://www.ge-tracker.com/all-items Item list - https://www.ge-tracker.com/osrs-item-list OSRS Wiki published the list a couple of days after we did - https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Grand_Exchange/Buying_limits
  21. PVM Team Application

    Rsn: v i k l n g Discord Username: McYuk How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: 15+ hours Elite or general?: Elite Which bossing team would you like to join?: Preferably all Bonus: Do you have a crystal halberd?: Not at the moment. I have a dragon warhammer
  22. APIs for pulling data

    Is there something for historical data, not just the current trading value?
  23. Buying Limits update

    Where can this list be found/filtered? Or is the limit only displayed when viewing the item individually or in a list?
  24. i watched the video...and if I'm the best possible offer then why didn't it return his change?
  25. Buying Limits update

  26. Many thanks to @JagexMaz and Duckimo for gathering a fully updated list of items with buying limits! We have imported the majority of the data for the items in OSRS, and we have 113 left to populate, but these will be manually added very soon. Good luck merchanting!
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