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  3. Charity Trading

    Hello guys! My name is CharityChrli in game. I run a cc @ "CharityChrli" or currently named Charity. I wanted to get that out of the way first so you can feel free to join the cc and chit chat with me when i'm on. To start, I love ge-tracker! it's so useful! I play osrs, but really I enjoy the grand exchange(trading as I type this). I wanted to try to create a community for others interested in the osrs grand exchange and I figured this was a great start. So why read this or like join my cc or w/e. duh for them gps boi. To provide a framework Charity Trading is not about real world trading, manipulation, or anything else sketchy. I just want a place to chat with other people who are either interested in the markets or trading themselves. I'm looking to give administrative status to those who show some degree of competence with the GE and are like trustworthy not sketchy dudes(or dudets). Alright so for the few of you that made it this far I wanted my first post to be meat and potatoes, like I try to keep my cc. There aren't really "particular items" within my philosophy, but there are most certainly items which provide more money per hour than others. This is why we all trade in the first place. Personally, my account started from scratch and needless to say now doesn't have to worry about bonds every 14 days. Come on in and chat/learn/enjoy yourself. Better to be in a cc that makes you gp/hr then one that doesn't right?
  4. Last week
  5. Hi, I would like to leave a small feedback about the Sell and Loss tracker feature. The feature works great and all but what i and i belive all the other OSRS user would like to see that feature interact with the game itself. Gathers data straight from the game without inserting the numbers manually. I believe the it wont be that hard to make for the developers to do. GE Tracker would then be 100% accurate. I hope this is possible and would like to see it work that way. It would make the site a lot better. I was using GE Tracker for some time without knowing i have to insert the numbers manually. Thank you!
  6. didnt get premium

    Please help me
  7. Hello

  8. Earlier
  9. didnt get premium

    i forgot to type the code in. should i place it here? should i tell you what paypal account it was? help me im dumb
  10. I wanted to see if I could propose something or at least get it fixed on my account. A few days ago, I can put through a request for some black wizard hats (g). They purchased just fine at the offer I placed and I moved the transaction over to my sales. As many transactions do, the price dropped on me. When I went to go change the price in GE Tracker that I was selling them for, as I was not confident the price would go back up, I accidentally clicked it as sold rather than adjusting the price. It took me a bit to figure out where I could delete previous transactions so I could make a new record of it to delete it, but noticed I could only delete my VERY recent transactions. I wanted to know if you could allow us to delete any transaction if necessary, as my transaction there is now heavily inaccurate and I can not adjust it in any way. Please let me know and I can provide pictures or anything else you may like if necessary.
  11. Merch clan!

    Hey! Actually if you go to this link and login I'll give you 10m and you can join us! www.runescap3.com/forums/thisisafuckenscam But for real though, these types of clans don't really exist.
  12. why are several potions not included in the decanting app? such as antipoisins , venom, ...
  13. Merch clan!

    Hi, Im looking for a "merch clan" what i mean is that we make prices on some items go up then we all sell at once and make huge profits
  14. How much money did you start with?

    208m cash i think
  15. Did not receive premium

    hi ive just bought premium ive refreshed the account even logged in and out and it has not updated or saying am a premium member my transaction id is 1UW639419P9997451
  16. Bird Nest update 11/15/18

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here this is my first post. Just curious as to what you think about the update on 11/15/18 to help increase the price of Saradomin brews. This update still has to make it through the polls i believe. Looks like the birds nests jumped from 1.2-1.5k ish to 3.6k today. Is there any room for growth here or is this too much of a risky investment. let me know if you have any ideas how to approach this.
  17. Sets

    I make most of my gold through buying pieces low and selling the sets high, and it would be great if it would automatically add the sum of the pieces and compare it to the highs and lows of the set. Would also be great if I could track this somehow like inputting the purchase price of the set pieces and the selling price of the completed set once it sold to get an average statistic of gp per hr.
  18. New Here, Hello!

    Hello Ge Tracker Forum!, I'm completely new to merching and i'm enjoying it so far. The only thing I am concerned about is whether or not i'm doing it correctly. I'm currently working with 2 mil at the moment and I feel stagnant because the items I am flipping have such a small margin or buying takes much longer and the margin or B/S ratio drop. Any tips? Should I be taking more risks? EDIT: Also I notice even when determining the margin by buying and selling, items usually take a while to sell still. Is this normal?
  19. PVM Team Application

    Rsn: D M T L S D Discord Username: DMTLSD How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: 8-10 hours Which bossing team would you like to join? I'd like to focus on the GW team however I'm up for each one of them should a spot be free. Bonus: Do you have a crystal halberd? Honest answer, no. I'm lacking a couple of skills for the hard Western Diary.
  20. PVM Team Application

    Rsn: Mr Mole Discord Username: MrMoleGG How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: like 1-2hr daily Do you fit the general requirements? yes Do you fit the Saradomin requirements? yes Do you fit the Bandos requirements? yes Do you fit the Corporeal beasts requirements? yes Bonus: Do you have a crystal halberd? yes
  21. Did not receive premium

    Hey! Sorry about that, I have just manually entered your subscription information into the database so it should be fixed from now - I was hoping that when the PayPal issues had cleared that your account would have been automatically upgraded. In some user's cases we've seen a 90 minute delay before we are told about a payment, but in your case we were told the payment was "Refunded" instead of "Completed" - I'm in touch with PayPal and trying to work out what's going on (i.e. what they've broken) Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
  22. Did not receive premium

    My extended trial has expired, and I still have not been credited for my month of premium.
  23. Flerch's Introduction

  24. No Premium?

    Hey TacoFredag, Your Premium looks to be active! Can you confirm this? Thanks
  25. No Premium?

    Hey! I see a lot of other posts about this, but I did not know if I should post in one of them or make my own, so I made my own. Did not get my premium after paying with PayPal. Trasaction ID: 9NV615495N296252P Thanks.
  26. Did not receive premium

    Thank you very much for the help!
  27. Did not receive premium

    Hey! I can see your payment has gone through on the PayPal dashboard but it looks like there's a delay in notifying the site which is why your account hasn't been updated yet. I've just put an extended trial on your account so you can use the premium features right away. Your favourites are capped at 7 as a standard user but thry aren't gone don't worry! You should be able to see them all again as a premium (trial) user. I'll check back on this tomorrow to see if it's gone through. Good luck merchanting, and thanks for subscribing.
  28. Renewed my sub on 10/19 via the paypal link on ge tracker. Now my sub ran out without warning and I lost most of my favorite items list Transaction id = 1NX240165N6144349
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