Ever wondered how the overall health of a particular OSRS Market is doing? GT now tracks the daily overall index for different markets such as 'Food', 'Metal' and 'Raids' to name a few, and this feature will be provided free to the Old School public.

Indexes average prices of items against a base value, allowing you to view if the market is rising or falling over time. Well known examples of indexes are the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and S&P 500.

We're initially releasing this feature in a beta form, and are open to suggestions for items that better represent (or don't) an index, as well as creating new indices.

RuneScape Wiki provides a very good Market Watch for RS3. There hasn't been a market watch indicator for Old School Runescape, but we're aiming to fill that void.

In other news

  • Guest users are now displayed in the total users online at the bottom of the site
  • Discord messages (new items, RS updates) are now posted into both #announcements and #general
  • SMA/EMA trading indicators have been added to beta graphs
  • Polynomial trendline has been added to beta graphs
  • GE Tracker API is under construction and features an Item API for public consumption. Premium users can visit the API Keys page to request an API key
  • Mac H has been added as our newest Partner - check out his YouTube channel
  • Indexes are adjusted when new items are added to game
  • Split Graph is now a public feature
  • Discord logo is now visible to guests

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