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Hey guys and welcome to my first quest guide. Today I am going to be going over how to complete the easy varrock achievement diaries.

For this diary you will need the following:


  • Rune Mystery
  • The Digsite

    Skill Requirements:

  • 15 mining
  • 13 Agility
  • 8 Crafting
  • 9 Runecrafting
  • 20 Fishing
  • 5 Thieving


  • 150 coins
  • Any pickaxe
  • 1 log
  • Any axe
  • 1 bone
  • Soft clay
  • Earth talisman/tiara
  • Rune essence/Pure essence
  • Fly fishing rod
  • Feathers

    I hope you enjoyed my guide for the easy varrock achievement diary. If you did please leave me some feedback, as this is my first quest guide.

    Thanks for watching.

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