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Hello, and welcome to episode #5 of my P2P flipping series. Today we discover a brand new technique that has made us bank in a very short amount of time. What we are flipping today is decanting 3 dose potions into full dose potions. This turns out to be extremely effective. Some of the potions included super attack, energy and magic. I apologize for my voice and mic being so weak today, it should be back to normal in the next episode.

Credit to EpicHamMan as this is where I learned the technique. Check out the original video here!

The rules are:

  • I must only use bonds to renew my membership
  • Money for Bonds must come from flipping
  • I can't stop until I reach 100m

    A counter will appear in the top left corner to indicate how many days of membership I have left. If you enjoyed, please subscribe if you want to see more.

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