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Hello, and welcome to episode 22 of my 0-100m flipping series. This week was pretty mediocre for me, howabout you? A few flips ended up giving me a solid profit, but an equal ammount of them had me losing money. The best Item today was by far the elder chaos top. I'll try to come up with some better items for next episode.

The rules are:

  • I must only use bonds to renew my membership
  • Money for Bonds must come from flipping
  • I can't stop until I reach 100m

    I started this flipping to 100m series, mainly for the challenge. I would like to prove that anyone can earn their way to membership by following a few simple steps. A counter will appear in the top left corner to indicate how many days of membership I have left. If you enjoyed, please subscribe to get notified when the next episode is out.

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