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Hello everybody,

  • Yes i am sick, I do not usually sound this raspy.
  • Yes I am going to be making a 1000 subscriber special :)
  • Yes you guys are awesome, thank you for your awesome support.

Welcome to episode #16 of my 0-100m flipping series. Today we make some massive progress towards our goal of 100m. I start to finally flip some more expensive and rare items that give me some massive profits. The main money makers this episode are the gloves of darkness which had a 80k margin on each one.

The rules are:

- I must only use bonds to renew my membership
- Money for Bonds must come from flipping
- I can't stop until I reach 100m

I started this flipping to 100m series, mainly for the challenge. I would like to prove that anyone can earn their way to membership by following a few simple steps. A counter will appear in the top left corner to indicate how many days of membership I have left. If you enjoyed, please subscribe if you want to see more.


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